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Katrine K: Slowing down the aging process

Katrine’s collagen results

Katrine Kvalsund (42) has started each morning for the past two years with a glass of water mixed with The Solution™. “I have never received so many compliments on my skin as I do now. My skin is glowing, and dare I say it, has fewer wrinkles than it did when I was younger!”  

“I had always heard that you have to treat your skin from the inside, and after using The Solution™ for over two years now, I firmly stand behind this idea. I have never had better skin than I do today.” 

Katrine noticed smooth skin after using The Solution™ for just two months, and has since continued using the product religiously for over two years. She says that although she is not particularly worried about her skin getting older, she wants to slow down signs of aging and keep her youthful appearance for as long as possible. Don’t we all?  

“I actually receive a lot of questions about whether The Solution™ really works. I cannot answer for others, but for me it has 100% worked! I notice a brighter glow, less wrinkles and more supple skin. I’m very happy.”