Can you reduce wrinkles by drinking water?

Most of us grow up with the same belief that drinking plenty of water makes your skin look younger. But is this really true?

Both yes and no. Water is vital for the whole body and all our organs, not least our skin. Sunken, tired and dry skin may be a sign of dehydration – and when your skin is dry, the fine lines and wrinkles will be all the more visible. As we constantly lose water from our body when we breathe, sweat and swallow food, it is important to refill our body’s water reserves throughout the day.

Water contains, among other things, minerals that hydrate the body and skin. So, drinking enough water is important for keeping our skin hydrated and looking good.

But, can you drink even more water to get a better effect, and achieve more elastic skin and less wrinkles? No. All that will happen is that you will have to use the toilet more often.

Some researchers even claim that we can drink so much water that we make ourselves ill, following the idea that there can actually be "too much of a good thing."

If you really want to achieve less wrinkles by drinking water, you can boost your glass of water with The Solution™ Beauty collagen, a collagen powder containing 100% pure collagen, no additives, with a neutral taste and smell.

The Solution Beauty collagen

Collagen is found naturally in the skin and keeps the skin smooth and elastic. From as early as our 20s, our natural collagen levels start to decrease and wrinkles appear – no matter how much water you drink.

Water is important to keep your skin fresh and attractive, but just drinking water is not enough to reduce wrinkles. 

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