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There are several types of collagen, and not all counteract the signs of skin aging.

The Solution™ Beauty collagen contains hydrolyzed collagen type 1 from Verisol®. This collagen is broken down into peptides (short chains of amino acids) of a specific length that the skin is able to utilize to ramp up its own collagen production system. Collagen is processed in many different ways, and we can ascertain that the breakdown process is important for the effect of the collagen on the skin. The collagen from Verisol® has been shown in studies to have an extra good effect on the skin’s surface, and the results show that wrinkle depth is reduced, and the skin has renewed elasticity after regularly ingesting the collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides – tiny beauty experts

The unique and controlled process in which specific enzymes break the collagen down into collagen peptides is essential for the effect this product has on reducing wrinkles. Verisol® collagen peptides have been proven in several scientific studies to have a very positive effect on the skin’s surface and structure.

Well-documented studies

The studies we refer to have been conducted on Verisol® collagen with daily doses of 2.5 grams. Please note that there are different collagen products on the market, but not all can demonstrate the same good results on the quality of the skin, elasticity and appearance as the collagen used in The Solution™ Beauty collagen.

The collagen used in Verisol® is type 1 collagen from bovine sources.

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