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Collagen peptides your skin will love

There are several types of collagen, and not all counteract the signs of skin aging.

The Solution Beauty collagen contains Verisol collagen peptides, which consists of hydrolyzed (broken down by enzymes), Type I collagen. Verisol collagen is hydrolyzed using a special, patented process that produces a specific ratio of collagen peptide lengths, which is what determines the effect on skin.  

Collagen and skin

To explain the effect of bioactive collagen peptides, we first need to understand a few basic facts about our skin. Our skin consists of three layers, of which the middle layer, or the ‘dermis,’ is the thickest and is responsible for ensuring the top layer, or the ‘episermis,’ stays smooth and even.  

The dermis consists of 90% collagen, which strengthens and supports the skin. The rest of the dermis is mainly made up of elastin and fibrillin, which help the skin remain elastic.  

As we age, our collagen, elastin and fibrillin levels gradually decrease. For most people, this process starts in their late 20s and is exacerbated by lifestyle factors that negatively affect the aging process in the skin, like exposure to sun, smoking, alcohol and a nutrient-lacking diet.  

Collagen peptides: Tiny beauty experts

The unique and controlled process in which specific enzymes break the collagen down into collagen peptides is essential for the effect this product has on reducing wrinkles. In several, scientific studies, the collagen brokwn down by Verisol® have been shown to have a positive effect on the skin’s surface through a reduction in wrinkle depth and increase in the skin’s elasticity. 

Well-documented studies

The studies we refer to have been conducted on Verisol® collagen with daily doses of 2.5 grams. Please note that there are different collagen products on the market, but not all can demonstrate the same good results on the quality of the skin, elasticity and appearance as the collagen used in The Solution™ Beauty collagen. 

Not all collagen has the same effect

Although all collagen formulas vary in ingredients and production techniques, most collagen companies use the same studies to back up their claims of age-prevention and improved skin appearance. These studies include the ones that have been published on the effects of oral intake of Verisol® collagen peptides, which are used in The Solution™.  

The collagen used in Verisol® and found in The Solution Beauty collagen, is type I collagen from bovine sources. The Solution contains 100% collagen peptides with no other additives, and is proven to have a positive effect on wrinkles, cellulite, fine lines and elasticity. 

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