The Solution™ Beauty Collagen is too good not to share

Katrine Kvalsund from Oslo, Norway, age 41, noticed that several of the lines on her face and the wrinkles that had started to appear were slowly becoming less visible. She now takes The Solution Beauty collagen powder every single day – and recommends that others try it.

Katrine Kvalsund

“I’d been taking the powder for just under two months and I started to notice that the lines on my forehead, around my mouth and eyebrows were a lot smaller. I’ve been taking the powder every morning since then and am still just as happy with the results,” says Katrine Kvalsund.

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Good products should be shared 

Katrine decided to test the collagen powder from Oslo Skin Lab after having read about The Solution™ Beauty collagen on Vanessa Rudjord’s blog. She’s been using it now for more than a year.

“I've recommended The Solution to several of my girlfriends and it's actually really incredible to see the changes in their skin as well. Maybe it’s easier to see the changes in others than in yourself?”

The body’s own anti-wrinkle serum

Collagen is a protein found naturally in the skin which keeps it elastic and smooth. Collagen is in fact the body’s own anti-wrinkle serum. As early as in your mid 20s, the skin’s collagen levels begin to decrease gradually, causing lines and wrinkles to appear.

Studies show that daily intake of special collagen peptides can prevent and reduce wrinkles and lines. The collagen in The Solution is high quality, comes from natural sources and consists of collagen peptides that the body can exploit. The effect has been documented in several studies.

“I’m definitely going to continue.”

Katrine says that although she’s not particularly concerned about her skin aging, she would obviously like to prevent the signs of aging and look young for as long as possible – just like many other women her age.

“That’s why it’s so good that The Solution actually works from the inside-out and can reduce or even prevent any wrinkles that start to appear. I’ve been drinking The Solution every morning for a year now. Given that I’ve noticed a clear improvement, I’m obviously going to continue with the product,” says a very happy Katrine.

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