Silke Grane: I love The Solution™

Silke Grane

Silke Grane, 47 years, is a beauty expert with 20 years of experience in the beauty business. She measured her wrinkle depth after eight weeks of taking The Solution™ Beauty collagen – the results were impressive.

“My wrinkle depth had been reduced by a total of 51 percent!”

Before Silke started taking The Solution™, she had a skin scan at Emile Ekstrand Skincare in Helsinki, Finland. The machine measured everything, from wrinkle depth to skin structure and pigmentation.  

Silke Grane, Visia scanner

After eight weeks of taking The Solution™, she went for a follow-up skin scan at the same clinic and was very excited to see if the collagen powder from Oslo Skin Lab® had produced an effect.

“I could hardly believe it, but the machine doesn't lie. I’m very pleasantly surprised,” she says about the results. 

Silke has her own blog – – and has previously worked as a make-up artist and beauty editor. Despite the fact that the 47-year-old already has an extensive skin care routine, and has regular treatments, the collagen powder has had an impressive effect on her skin.

The skin scan showed a "true skin age" of 41 years – six years younger than her actual age, in addition to a reduction in wrinkle depth of a total of 51%. “My skin feels really good. The scan also shows that my skin texture has become smoother and I can see this when I apply my make-up. It sits better and I don’t need as much foundation,” says Silke.

The Solution™ collagen powder contains no additives, only pure, hydrolyzed collagen – a protein found naturally in the skin that keeps it elastic and smooth. Starting as early as your 20s, the level of collagen in your body gradually starts to decrease. This is the main reason why lines and wrinkles develop. Sun exposure, smoking and pollution can also escalate the loss of collagen.

Research shows that regular intake of the special collagen peptides found in The Solution™ can minimize wrinkles and lines, as well as reduce cellulite, as it works on the entire skin.

Read about the studies here.

Silke admits she was nervous before the scan. Because she takes such good care of her skin, she was unsure if the machine would show any difference. 
“I’d heard about Vanessa Rudjord (a Norwegian blogger and fashion editor) and her impressive results, so naturally I was excited! When I saw the results, I was almost shocked!

Despite her profession, Silke has a laid-back attitude about getting older. In her mind, anti-aging treatments are primarily about bringing out the best of your skin.
“I like my laughter lines, but I do want to take care of my skin for as long as possible. As I work in the beauty business, my face is like a business card.”

Silke has tested most products on the market. She relies on good cleansing products and often takes a peeling treatment to give her skin an extra glow. She uses serums, oils and moisturizer daily. But this was the first time she tested pure collagen.

“I love that the product is completely natural, which is much better than exposing the skin to loads of chemicals,” she says about The Solution™ Beauty collagen.

She did not find it difficult to keep up the routine of taking The Solution™ every day. The powder has a neutral taste and can be mixed into any food or drink. “It was just one extra little detail in my morning routine. I’m not stopping now! I am now a permanent member of Oslo Skin Lab® and am already planning a third skin scan in the future.”

Silke Grane

And for all of you who doubt that the product works:
Test it yourself! If you have the chance, please feel free to take a skin scan or photos before and after a few months of use. Your skin doesn’t lie. 

Try the solution for yourself