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Skin care from within – are you all in or just half in?

Many people recognize that unhealthy lifestyle choices like a poor, nutrient-lacking diet can negatively impact your skin from the inside out. Most people, however, forget that the opposite is also true. That is, healthy lifestyle choices like a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, can have a positive impact on your skin.  

Even further, most people think of vitamins and dietary supplements as useful for balancing the body internally, forgetting that a balanced internal body is a healthy, glowing external body.  

At Oslo Skin Lab, we want to shift the focus from the negative impact of bad foods and lack of necessary supplements to the positive impact of a healthy diet and the right supplements to keep your body functioning internally and externally.

How-to: Beauty from within 

A healthy diet with a focus on nutrient-rich plants is the first and easiest place to start your path towards a “beauty from within” skin care routine. Superfoods like cauliflower, cucumber and celery are great places to start. Choosing the right supplements for your body and your goal is the next step. We recommend checking with your doctor to ensure you aren’t lacking in any important vitamins or minerals such as iron or B12. Next, consider your goals and choose your supplements based on them.  

  • Vitamin A and Biotin help maintain your skin, hair and nails.  
  • Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen in the skin.  
  • Vitamin E and C help protect cells from stress  
  • Collagen supplements improve skin quality and elasticity and reverse and prevent signs of aging.  
  • Hyaluronic acid reduces signs of aging, increases the skin’s hydration, and offers a healthy glow and luster.  

Benefits of beauty supplements  

Beauty supplements provide results in a more natural way than topical products and treatments can. Supplements like collagen and hyaluronic acid do not have any noted side effects and leave the skin looking naturally younger and more radiant. Some beauty supplements also have health benefits, such as an extra dose of important vitamins and minerals – so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  

Many supplements can also be easier to add in to your daily routine than tons of additional topical products, and much less time consuming than going to get treatments and injectables. The Solution, for example, is delivered straight to your doorstep in individual daily doses, making it easy to bring with you anywhere. Since the powder is neutral in taste and smell, you can add it to any food or drink of your choice – whether it’s your to-go coffee in the morning or your lunch salad at the office.  

Ready to add in a beauty supplement to your daily routine?

Remember to always look for brands that are transparent about their products and have scientific studies to support their claims. You can check out Oslo Skin Lab’s science-backed products here and read about our users’ results here.