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The skin scans are in: The Solution’s collagen peptides reduce wrinkles and lines

There are many products claiming to have an effect on wrinkles and lines, making it challenge to understand which studies and products to trust.  

How can you measure the effect of a product? Can you really see an improvement in wrinkles and linesThese questions were asked by an influencer who wanted to make sure that she was writing trustworthy content and recommending trustworthy products to her readers. To answer her question, The Solution team contacted May-Britt Morad, a skin specialist at a renowned skin care clinic in Oslo, Norway. Morad’s clinic has a machine that scans and measures the condition of the skin – including wrinkle depth. She agreed to take participants, including this influencer, and test their skin before and after 8 weeks of using The Solution – the results were amazing.

Since then, many people have been to the clinic to measure their skin and confirm that taking The Solution’s collagen peptides powder has had a proven effect – and not just a “feeling” or a placebo effect. The machine provides hard facts only, and the facts showed wrinkle improvements. 

Woman scanning her skin


“We were really excited to find out whether we could confirm that intake of The Solution had measurable results after such a short period of time,” says Morad.

The test participants have varied in terms of age and skin quality, so of course there are also variations in terms of the degree of the improvement, but we have seen the effect on all of the ones we have scanned so far,” smiles Morad. It’s not the case that you have, say, ten wrinkles, then after a while, that number will be reduced to six. Instead, your ten wrinkles will become less visible and you will prevent new wrinkles from appearing. It’s relatively similar to watching your own children grow up – you don’t notice the difference until you look at photographs that clearly show the changes in the past months. 

Scans show visible results

“Just recently we were scanning the skin of a 46-year-old woman for the third time – one year since her last one. Despite being one year older, her results showed a reduction in wrinkles of an additional 25%.” 

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