Customer Story: Charlotte, 42 Years Old

Customer Story: Charlotte, 42 Years Old

Charlotte started using The Solution based on a friend's recommendation, and after 3 months of use, she saw fantastic results!


What prompted you to start using The Solution from Oslo Skin Lab?

I had heard about collagen supplements but hadn't actively researched them. I was curious, and when a friend introduced me to Oslo Skin Lab, I found it intriguing to try. I was advised to take photos before starting the product to better evaluate its effectiveness. I'm very glad I did because it became clear to me that it was effective.

What results have you experienced since you started?

I feel that my skin is firmer and I look much more refreshed. Wrinkles and fine lines are less prominent, which is clearly visible in my before-and-after pictures. I also feel that my skin has gained more radiance.

How long did it take before you started to see results?

I began noticing improved firmness and radiance in my skin after about 2 months, I would say, but the photos were taken after approximately 3 months of use.

How did The Solution become part of your daily routine?

I take the collagen powder with my morning coffee, which is a routine I never deviate from, making it easy to always remember.

How do you view aging in general?

I have always been meticulous about taking care of my skin and choosing products based on how they feel on my skin and their long-term effects. I prefer to age naturally without undergoing any skin procedures or injections.