Consistency is the most important thing to achieve visible results

Consistency is the most important thing to achieve visible results

Coffee with Paola, 51 - Six months of taking beauty collagen powder daily.

After taking The Solution™ for six months straight, Paola, 51, contacted us to share her results. We always appreciate it when we hear from our customers and see evident improvements in their skin, proving the success and reliability of our beauty collagen.   

After receiving Paola’s before and after picture, we met for a quick coffee. We asked her some questions to understand better her improvements and how she integrated collagen powder into her busy routine. 


How old are you? I’m 51 years old.    

How long have you been taking The Solution™? I started six months ago.     

When do you take it? First thing in the morning, so I will remember!  

What do you mix it with? Usually in water or coffee, as it's tasteless, and I don't notice it! To remember to take them daily, I keep the single-dose packs next to my coffee machine, and when I travel, I always bring the exact number of packs needed for my trip. Consistency is the most important thing to achieve visible results; the packs make it easy.

What effects have you noticed?  It all started after noticing the effects on the face of a friend of mine, whom I see every two to three months. I noticed her skin rejuvenating over time; when she explained that it was collagen peptides she was taking, the result was so apparent that I immediately subscribed.

To document my process, I took a picture the first day I started taking The Solution™, I was curious to see if there would be an effect on my skin, too, and I did it again after six months. I was very impressed by the comparison between the two photos. First, I see improvements in the nasolabial wrinkle, which was much deeper six months ago, and my skin overall is full and looks and feels healthier. 

Will you continue taking The Solution™? I will continue as I am curious to see if I will notice even more results, and I want to continue to slow down my skin's aging and maintain the effects I have reached. 


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