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Why You’ll Love The Solution

Love Your Skin

Prevent and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite all over the body while improving the skin’s texture and elasticity

Easy to Use

Our individually-dosed stick packs are neutral in taste and smell – making them easy to use with any food or drink

Proven Effect

We are transparent about our real, medical-grade and peer-reviewed studies that prove our collagen works

Anine Bing + Oslo Skin Lab = a love story

Anine Bing

We are proud and humbled to introduce Anine Bing as our Global Brand Ambassador!
Anine represents everything Oslo Skin Lab aims to embody, from her creative, chic style to her innovative and hardworking girl-boss vibes. She exudes natural beauty in the most effortless way, and gives a lot of credit for her naturally youthful complexion to Oslo Skin Lab.

 It was the summer of 2021 when we first touched base with Anine, as she reached out about trying The Solution due to the many positive rumors she heard about the product from her Scandinavian friends. After testing The Solution for herself over a few months, Anine was hooked and eager to help us launch in the US so she could take over the task of spreading the rumors about the effect from taking The Solution.  

We were so honored that a woman of such caliber as Anine was excited to work with us and help promote our product. Of course, we have always known The Solution works, but we never tire of hearing it from others, so when we got this email from Anine a few months into trying it, we were so overjoyed.

“Just wanted to drop a note to say that I have now tested Oslo Skin Lab for almost 3 months and I LOVE it. WOW, my skin looks amazing, and I LOVE the packaging. It's 100% the best collagen powder I've ever tried. Super easy with the single packs and it has no taste which is perfect, as I have it in my coffee every morning. I am getting SO many compliments for my skin and I think Oslo Skin Lab could have something to do with it." – email from Anine in 2021 

At this point, we had already discussed a possible launch of Oslo Skin Lab in the US because of numerous enquiries from people wanting to buy our product there. With such an eager team player waiting to help us, the launch plans were quickly put to action and we entered into a dialogue with Anine about a global collaboration. 

Today, after only five years on the market, Oslo Skin Lab can now send packages to all corners of the world from our base in the US and we have Anine Bing herself to help us along the way. We pinch ourselves every day that we get to work with such an amazing ambassador and get to see our brand really take off around the world.  

  - Oslo Skin Lab Team

Our Collagen Peptides


True to our Scandinavian roots, we are proud to offer an easy, minimalistic beauty product that gives you natural, real results.

Feel confident in what you put in your body

Clean, Proven ingredients
with zero additives

4 great reasons
to start using The Solution

  • Lessens the amount of the visible wrinkles
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Has a proven effect from well-documented studies

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