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  • Anine Bing + Oslo Skin Lab = a love story

    We are proud and humbled to introduce Anine Bing as our Global Brand Ambassador! Anine represents everything Oslo Skin Lab aims to embody, from her...
  • Successful founder always believed in skincare from within

    Cecilie Nordstrøm is the woman behind the success of the The Solution™, a beautifying and science-backed collagen peptide product. This successful ...
  • Skin care from within – are you all in or just half in?

    Many people recognize that unhealthy lifestyle choices like a poor, nutrient-lacking diet can negatively impact your skin from the inside out. Most...
  • Not all collagen is created equal

    It’s 2022 and you go to your computer to google skin care trends: 50 different brands of collagen - including bone broth, liquid collagen, vegan c...
  • The slow-aging concept

    Slow down the skin’s aging process for a natural, youthful complexion At Oslo Skin Lab, we celebrate aging. Every new lap around the sun brings us ...
  • Professionals love The Solution

    Skin Experts rave about The Solution’s™ ability to truly slow down aging    The Solution™ works – it’s proven with several, solid, medical grade ...
  • The Solution™ takes home the prize – year after year

    Oslo Skin Lab's The Solution Beauty collagen is internationally recognized and award-winning.
  • How do I use The Solution™?

    Can I mix the powder in anything? Do I have to take it at a particular time of day? Can I have it in hot drinks? These are questions we often rece...
  • Why should you take a collagen supplement?

    The body's natural aging process slows down collagen production starting in your 20s. Taking collagen peptides can stimulate the production process to reduce signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite.
  • The skin scans are in: The Solution’s collagen peptides reduce wrinkles and lines

    Despite having strong studies to support the effectiveness of The Solution's collagen peptides, users want to know whether they'll actually see visible results. In connection with a renowned skin clinic in Oslo, Norway, 8-week trials of daily ingestion of The Solution have shown visible and measurable results. 

  • Collagen peptides your skin will love

    There are  many different collagen products on the market, but not all can demonstrate the same good results on the quality of the skin, elasticity and appearance as the collagen used in The Solution™ Beauty collagen. Here's why.