Antonìa Stefanaki Shares Inside and Out with Oslo Skin Lab

Unveiling the Secrets of Skincare: Antonìa Stefanaki Shares Inside and Out

Skin therapist Antonìa Stefanaki has found that taking care of the skin through massage and daily intake of The Solution™ Beauty Collagen is a superb combination to slow down and reduce signs of aging in the skin.

Hello Antonìa, tell us about yourself and your profession!
The main purpose of my work is to awaken a deep and profound love for ourselves and our essence, and thus rediscover the connection and harmonious identification with our appearance and our face.

My treatment is a holistic approach to promoting overall well-being in the face, performed with respect to the skin's physiology and physiognomy. It contributes to cell renewal and detoxification, stimulates collagen production, and activates the lymphatic system.

I am firmly convinced that it is important to teach ourselves to take care of ourselves and our skin in the best possible way, by incorporating a routine that seamlessly fits into everyday life.

You believe in the philosophy of slow aging, is that correct?
Absolutely. Slow aging, which suggests a gradual aging process, aims to naturally slow down signs of aging in the skin through techniques, products, supplements, as well as proper nutrition and lifestyle. With results that last over time and make the face appear younger, and above all, healthier. The goal is not to stop the aging process, but to slow it down.

Why do you recommend implementing collagen supplements into your skincare routine?
The studies conducted on the use of collagen peptides in The Solution show really good results on the skin. Not only were facial wrinkles reduced, but various positive effects were measured throughout the body. To maintain the benefits on the skin, I recommend taking supplements and practicing facial massage consistently over time, as part of the daily skincare routine.

What are the factors, positive and negative, that can affect aging?
Pollution, sunlight, smoking, improper diet, and stress negatively affect aging. Conversely, a daily skincare routine, the right supplements, collagen and vitamin C, a balanced diet with minimal sugar and plenty of water, are the best allies for healthy skin.

Can you go into more depth about collagen?
Collagen is a protein that forms a scaffold for many organs and tissues, including the skin. Collagen in the skin gradually decreases from the age of 25-30 and then faster over the years. The skin loses firmness and elasticity, and the thickness of the dermis decreases, leading to the appearance of the first wrinkles. Collagen supplements increase skin elasticity, making it more compact, and slow down skin aging.

How important is it to be "consistent" in what we do to achieve beautiful skin?
Very important! Continuity is fundamental to achieving natural effects. The face is no different from the rest of our body. Just as we exercise the body to keep it healthy, we must do the same with our face, practicing self-massage, eating healthily, or taking the right supplements every day.

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