Espresso Tonic Mocktail by Oslo Skin Lab

Espresso Tonic Mocktail by Oslo Skin Lab

Indulge in a Refreshing Journey with our 1-2-3 Espresso Tonic Mocktail! 

This delightful drink has a symphony of flavors though it only has a few ingredients. Our new crush on mocktails is growing and it is fun to discover all the nice drinks we can make without any alcohol.

Espresso Tonic:

3cl Cold brew or Espresso

1 stickpack of The Solution

15cl Tonic

1. Start with the Brew: Infuse your mocktail with depth by choosing between 3cl of cold brew or a shot of espresso - the heartbeat of this beverage.

2. Elevate your drink with 1 stickpack of The Solution, mixed with the coffee

3. Top it with Tonic: Complete the ensemble with 15cl of your favorite tonic water, transforming this simple creation into a masterpiece.

Build this mocktail in a highball glass over cube ice, letting the elements come together in a refreshing dance. Garnish with a sprig of mint and either cucumber or lemon zest for a touch of sophistication.

We hope you enjoy!