Promoting a Positive Atmosphere

Promoting a Positive Atmosphere

Negative vibes may spread, but fortunately, positivity does too. At Oslo Skin Lab, we advocate for fostering a respectful tone across social media platforms. Here are five tips on how we can collectively uphold this positive tone:

1. Speak with Respect:

Let's talk to each other as if face to face. We should all respect others as we want to be respected ourselves. We should all carefully consider how we phrase things and avoid belittling or humiliating anyone. Additionally, we should always think about whether we would say the same thing if family or friends were reading the same comment. Furthermore, we should only write what we would say to the person if we were standing in front of them.

2. Be kind even if you disagree:

Let's be kind, even if we disagree. It's perfectly fine and healthy to have different viewpoints. But we can discuss and share our opinions without becoming unfriendly and using a coarse tone. Remember that in disagreement, it's especially important to show respect and politeness in social media comments.

3.Think Before You Respond:

Take a moment to pause and reflect before responding. Ask yourself if your contribution will positively contribute to the conversation. Consider the potential impact of your words on others before hitting "send."

4. Empower Fellow Women:

Let's celebrate other women. Let's support each other as women and create a safe space where we can exchange opinions in a respectful manner. Let's focus on lifting each other up. If the tone becomes harsh or rough, it's perfectly okay to speak up. 

5. Focus on Topics, Not Individuals:

Keep discussions focused on the topic at hand rather than attacking individuals. Take a step back before responding with hostility, and assess whether engaging in the conversation is constructive. Feel free to wait a bit before responding and consider whether your comment might upset anyone. 


By embracing these principles, we can cultivate a more harmonious and inclusive online community. Let's spread positivity and kindness wherever we go.