Oslo Skin Lab CMO

Reflecting on 2023: A Year in Review

We've sat down with our founder, Cecilie Nordstrøm, to discuss the past year and what the future holds.

What are your thoughts on the past year?

Considering everything that has unfolded globally in the past year, my first emotion is an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Born in a secure, trust-based nation that cares for its citizens, followed by good health and a network of close family, friends, and colleagues – these, to me, form the bedrock of a great life. I also allow myself to appreciate many other things, even amidst the global crises. Making life even better involves opportunities to travel, experience new things, succeed in work or passions, feel good inside and out, and spend quality time in delightful conversations with loved ones. Throughout 2023, I have found myself more often appreciating the ability to check all these boxes and truly realizing how fortunate I am.

What were the major milestones for Oslo Skin Lab?

In 2023, we celebrated surpassing a magical number. Post-summer, we proudly counted over 100,000 devoted members incorporating The Solution into their daily beauty routines – and our community is steadily growing. It is fantastic that so many have discovered the magic of our collagen product, believing in the mantra, "Beautiful skin starts from within." Additionally, we launched Oslo Skin Lab in France, a significant milestone for us. With ongoing success in Italy, we also hope – and believe – that the reception will be equally warm in France. These are countries known for their keen interest and discernment in beauty products, making success there particularly meaningful.

What are you most proud of?

I must admit, it is a delight to witness fabulous ladies across Europe embracing The Solution and passionately discussing its effects in their local languages – that truly makes me proud! Furthermore, I take great pride in our ever-growing team of fantastic colleagues who are dedicated to the brand and perform at a prominent level to convey our message. At Oslo Skin Lab, there are no sharp elbows; just a group that cheers for each other's success and contributes what they can to help. I find this quite unique, and I am proud of our success in achieving it.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2024?

I love looking ahead and always find the start of a new year magical – it feels like there are endless possibilities compared to the tail end of the old (even though I know, rationally, that January 1st is just another day, but I prefer not to dwell on that 😉). In 2024, we have plans to enter new markets and exciting product launches await. I am also looking forward to spring when the team from all 13 markets gathers for a few days. Great things can happen when 26 talented ladies and 1 man share experiences and plan new activities together.

Can you drop a hint about what OSL members can expect in 2024?

There are some major announcements coming this year in terms of product launches. Without giving away too much, I can share that we are introducing a bit of "skin innovation" – something that is entirely new to the market. Get ready to be amazed!