Scandinavian Heritage & Female Founded

Scandinavian Heritage & Female Founded

The story behind the beauty collagen, The Solution from Oslo Skin Lab

Her idea has always been that beauty comes from within and that skin care is not just something you do; its a way of life and should be easy.

Cecilie Nordstrøm is the woman behind the success of the The Solution, a beautifying and science-based collagen peptide productThis successful female founder from Oslo, Norway stresses the importance of internal health. “Today it is common knowledge that the skin is affected by what we eat and that it needs the right nutrition to be at its very best,” she says. 

Cecilli Nordstrøm - OSL

Cecilie has worked with dietary supplements for several years before starting The Solution, experiencing first-hand how much vitamins and minerals can affect your health. She always dreamed of finding a product that works specifically for the skin, but it was hard to find an ingredient that had proven documentation and results. When she came across studies on a patented method used for developing the collagen in a rather uniquway, proving that regular intake makes the body start producing new collagen itself, she jumped on board and turned the collagen into her new frontier, The Solution. 


believed that this product could be what we were looking for when it comes to caring for the skin from within, she says. Because we work with health, we are very strict on the requirements for products we launch. We follow the gold standard for studies, which involves using double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled studies. 

The studies Cecilie and her team looked for, and found, are studies where neither the subjects nor researchers know who gets the real product and who gets the placebo. The studies performed on The Solution’s collagen peptides were shown to lead to better elasticity of the skin, reduction of cellulite, as well as an average reduction in wrinkle depth of 20.1 percent. These studies, conducted at the University of Kiel, are also published in the medical database PubMed. All studies were also peer-reviewed, meaning that other, independent researchers reviewed the documentation to check that everything had been done to the correct standard and that they can support the conclusion.

Oslo Skin Lab Solution Product


In addition to the medical studies, it was important to Cecilie that her team gets their own evidence that the collagen peptides really have an effectThey contacted Oslo Skin Care Clinic to hear if they could help analyze the skin of different test participantsThe owner, a skin therapist, Anne Berit Eide, was very positive about the idea, and made the clinic's VISIA skin scanning machine available. Over the following years, a number of people have stopped by for pre- and post-scans. Everyone has received positive results. 

The first participant was one of Norway’s biggest “it-girls.” After eight weeks of using The Solution, the scan showed that she had received a 33 percent wrinkle reductionAfter this, two more women who wanted to try the product were scanned, and they showed even better results.  

In addition to the solid scientific documentation, it was great to be able to clearly see the effect on the before-and-after pictures,” says Cecilie. 


Many people and websites support the notion that you can make your own bone broth and achieve the same effect as you can with The Solution or other collagen productsUnfortunately, while the benefits of bone broth are definitely abundant, this is a misconception. Bone broth does contain a wide variety of collagen-specific amino acids which are beneficial to your body, but it does not contain collagen peptides. In fact, many collagen products that claim the same results as The Solution do not use collagen peptides. 

The bioactive collagen in The Solution, however, is broken down into peptides, which are short chains of amino acids. These peptides are what studies have found to positively affect skin and appearance, not just any form of collagen.  

How collagen peptides work 

Collagen peptides are broken down in the intestine and taken up into the blood. The collagen peptides that you ingest are not the ones that end up in the skin, however. Instead, intake of The Solution collagen peptides affects the body’s collagen production processincreasing the amount of collagen that is producedwhich then affects the skin’s amount of collagen. 

Cecilie is always emphasizing the importance of well-rounded health for a beautiful appearance, and is quick to tout that there is no quick-fix product on the market to vanish wrinkles, despite many claims. There is no doubt, however, that regular intake of her product, The Solution, contributes to smoother, softer and more elastic skin. The effect comes gradually, and the time it takes to see visible changes naturally varies based on the starting point of each individual. It is also not as easy to see tiny changes from day to day, so Cecilie suggests taking pictures before starting The Solution, or using skin scans that measure the difference more accurately. Her team constantly receives photos from users who are genuinely surprised at how much the skin has changed when they compare with their before photos 


Cecille Nordstørm of Oslo Skin Lab

Since The Solution was launched in 2017, the business has seen rapid growth. “We started in Norway and Finland. Then added Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Slovakia. In all of these countries, we have started collaborations with skin clinics and skin therapists, and performed skin scans with great results. When being endorsed by so many users and professionals in all of these markets, we have, by far, become the biggest brand in the category,” Cecilie says proudly.