A daily routine that’s easy to sustain

A daily routine that’s easy to sustain

The Solution - a daily beauty routine that’s easy to sustain

Melissa Sondell, 39, works full-time as an Art Director and runs her photography and video business, where she creates content for various companies and platforms. In addition, she is a mother of two small children while juggling growing her Instagram & TikTok account with humorous clips.

"I was at a women's event where we received a month's supply of The Solution collagen powder in the goodie bag. I had heard about it before and thought it would be great to test it finally."

I have always had fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, so the product felt like a match made in heaven for me. Excited and curious about what it could do to my skin, I started a new routine ten months ago that would turn out to be my most sustained routine ever.

I have tried to take both vitamins and supplements in the past, but somehow I have never been able to stick to them and continue taking them. Now I have been taking collagen every day for almost ten months. I can see a big difference both when it comes to the elasticity in my skin, but also when it comes to how my skin feels and glows.

Most people want miraculous results immediately, and if they don't see results from day one, they stop taking the collagen. But I see it more as a long-term investment and something that my skin always needs. And I'm astonished by the results. It's all been about being consistent.

In the same way, it is essential to clean and moisturize your skin with good skincare products, sleep enough hours per night, eat good food, and exercise. There is no quick fix to anything long-lasting.

You have to invest in taking care of your skin long term; you will both feel better and have more beautiful and naturally glowing skin.