Amaretto sour Mocktail by Oslo Skin Lab

Delicious Amaretto Sour Mocktail

Amaretto sour Mocktail by Oslo Skin Lab

It's delicious, it's fresh - and it's non-alcoholic. Get our take on the tastiest Amaretto Sour Mocktail. Enjoy it cold with your loved ones.

Amaretto sour Mocktail


5cl Pineapple juice (preferably freshly pressed) mixed with

1 stick of The Solution Beauty Collagen

3cl Lemon juice

1cl Simple syrup

1cl Syrup from cocktail cherries

2cl Egg white

3 drops Almond essence


How to:

Dry shake* in a cocktail shaker to froth the egg white, then shake vigorously with ice.

Strain into a chilled coupette** or martini glass without ice. Optionally garnish with lemon zest.

*Dry shaking a drink is a technique that involves shaking the ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice first, then adding ice and shaking again. This is typically used when a cocktail recipe includes ingredients like egg white or other emulsifiers that need to be frothed or mixed thoroughly. By dry shaking first, you can create a better foam or a smoother emulsion before cooling and diluting the drink with ice. After dry shaking, you add ice to the shaker and shake again to chill and dilute the drink to the desired temperature and consistency.

**Type of glassware used in the world of drinks and cocktails. It is a stemmed glass with a broad, shallow bowl and a wide rim.