Anine Bing ambassador for Oslo Skin Lab

Oslo Skin Lab's New Creative Brand Advisor

Oslo Skin Lab’s global reach amplifies with Anine Bing as our Creative Brand Advisor

Oslo Skin Lab came to life in 2017, and since then, we've been on quite the adventure! We've launched our fabulous product in 10 European countries, and even crossed the pond to the USA. And guess what? In October, we're popping champagne to celebrate our grand entrance in Belgium as lucky country number twelve! 🎉

Today, we've got a whopping 100,000+ enthusiastic fans who adore our products and use them religiously. Plus, we've racked up a bunch of international awards for our star player, The Solution™. So, it's about time we dust off our passports and proudly declare ourselves an international sensation! 🌎

Speaking of exciting news, we've decided to give ourselves a little makeover (not that we needed it, of course!). And guess who's joining our glam squad? None other than Anine Bing, our new Creative Brand Advisor extraordinaire! Anine embodies everything we at Oslo Skin Lab aspire to be: she's got that effortlessly cool, chic, and innovative vibe. She's a powerhouse, oozing with female empowerment, and radiates natural beauty. We're 100% convinced she'll sprinkle that special Anine magic to take Oslo Skin Lab to the next level. ✨

Starting (since) from early November, all our Instagram accounts are (were merged) merging into one fabulous feed. The content will be mostly curated, or should we say, Anine-approved! We can't spill all the beans just yet, but trust us, it's going to be drop-dead gorgeous. Don't hesitate to take a peek – you'll find us right here at @Osloskinlab .

Love, Oslo Skin Lab team