Professionals love The Solution

Professionals love The Solution

Skin Experts rave about The Solution’s™ ability to truly slow down aging   

The Solution™ works – it’s proven with several, solid, medical grade studies and before-and-after skin scans on users. In addition, The Solution™ is backed by several renowned dermatologists and skin experts who have seen the effects of The Solution firsthand by analyzing their own customers who use it. Here's what they have to say.  


Skin therapist Anne Berit Eide at Oslo Skin Care Clinic has more than thirty years of experience in the skin care industry and has seen first-hand the power of The Solution™. Her clinic has performed many of the before-and-after skin scans on our users to determine the effect that The Solution™ had on their skin. Morad says that everyone who has been scanned has seen a positive improvement in their facial skin.  

“We have scanned several people of different ages and with different skin quality. We scanned their skin before they started with The Solution™, and again after eight weeks of use. We were very curious to see if it was possible to get readable results after such a short time, but when one of our younger test persons, who was virtually wrinkle-free to begin with, showed an improvement of almost 10 percent, we were convinced,” says Morad. She adds that some of the older persons have measured a reduction in wrinkle depth of over 50 percent. 

“Results vary in time and effect, as there are large genetic differences between those who scan themselves – in addition to age and starting point, of course. Regardless, when they return a few weeks later, it is clear that The Solution has had an effect,” Eide confirms.  


Eide explains that even if the skin scanner shows visible improvements, it can be difficult to see the difference with the naked eye. While some customers claim to see improvements after as little as three weeks, others do not notice the difference until they take the second scan - or stop using the product. And then, of course, it is important to know what to look for.  

"It's not like you have ten wrinkles that after a while are reduced to six. But all ten wrinkles instead become weaker, and the development of new ones is slowed down. It's like witnessing your own children grow - you do not see the difference until you are presented with pictures from the past few months. " This is the difference between The Solution and more invasive treatments - you won't see results overnight, but instead take a slower and gentler approach that offers natural results.  

We call this approach “slow-aging,” which is essentially skin care from within that produces natural results by slowing down the aging process. “We know that diet plays a big role in skin quality, and you therefore must focus on eating the right foods and taking the right supplements if you want to enhance your natural beauty,” claims Eide.  


Dermatologist Emelie Ekstrand, who runs another skin care clinic in Norway, is also convinced. She performs regular skin scans on many clients where she measures irregularities in the skin structure, wrinkle depth and pore size. For about a year and a half, she has held follow-ups, and found that the results improve every time – even as the clients are actually getting older.She firmly believes that The Solution™ should be part of the daily skin care routine and recommends it to any of her clients who have an interest in slow-aging. 


Danish cosmetologist, Michelle Ottendal, is of the same opinion. She tested the product herself and the results were almost immediate – facial lines were visibly reduced, especially around the eyes, and her skin seemed both firmer and fuller. 

Ottendal had thoroughly read the research behind the product before testing it and was pleasantly surprised that double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled studies had been performed at an independent university. These medical-grade studies are not commonly found in the beauty industry where many products are subjectively observed rather than scientifically tested.  

The studies showed significantly reduced wrinkle depth and increased skin elasticity in participants. "There are not many beauty brands on the market that conduct studies of this quality. This is the same type of study used when researching medicines. So this, in addition to the test results, and not least my own results, has strengthened my confidence in The Solution. It works”, Says Ottendal. 


If you’re still not sure about the effectiveness of The Solution™, you don’t have to believe us without proof. The skin scanner most used by our clients is called “VISIA,” and the technology can be found in many dermatologists’ offices and skin care clinics around the world. We encourage you to get scanned before using The Solution™ and after at least eight weeks of use, to see the results for yourself. Taking before-and-after pictures is a good option as well, for those that do not have access to a skin scanner.