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Beauty Collagen 

The Solution™ beauty collagen is a neutral-tasting powder, ready to mix into any food or non-carbonated drink. Have it with your morning coffee, blend it into a smoothie, or experiment with something new. The easiest step in your skincare routine is always ready to enjoy.

Our versatile powder is gluten-free, non-GMO, synthetics-free, no-carb, and additive-free. Each box includes 28 single-dose packs.

Published studies demonstrate that Verisol® collagen peptides can reboot your collagen production specifically, which are used in The Solution™ have the following effects:

✓ Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

✓ Increased skin elasticity and firmness

✓ Reduced appearance of cellulite

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is collagen?
Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body, the single most important factor in keeping our skin smooth and resilient. Collagen production in the body is believed to decrease beginning around our late twenties. Young skin can contain up to 80% collagen. In our 30s, the amount of collagen begins to decrease by about 1-2% each year. When the skin starts losing its resilience against external forces like sun, pollution, diet, and smoking, lines and wrinkles begin to develop. .
What is The Solution™ Beauty collagen?
The Solution™ Beauty collagen is an anti-wrinkle product, specifically a hydrolyzed collagen powder that is taken orally and works from within. The product counteracts the skin's aging process and reduces lines and wrinkles. Collagen is also naturally found in protein-rich food, but in order for the skin to benefit from the intake, the collagen must be broken down into exact peptide lengths. Proteins in food are not hydrolyzed, and therefore have no such effect on the skin.
How/why does collagen work?
There are different types of collagen, type 1 works on skin and type 2 on joints. The Solution™ contains type I collagen. This particular collagen protein is hydrolyzed (broken down with the help of enzymes) into peptides, or a chain of amino acids. The unique, controlled process in which specific enzymes break down the collagen into peptides makes the wrinkle-reducing effect of this product possible. These peptides (developed by Verisol®) have been shown in double-blind studies to have a positive effect on skin's elasticity, lines and wrinkles. Read more about the study here.
What is the difference between collagen in creams that you apply to the skin and collagen powder that you drink?
Studies show a significant effect on the skin when eating/drinking Verisol® collagen. This is the collagen we use in The Solution®. By consuming collagen in this way, all skin, both on the body and the face, will benefit. To take good care of the skin, creams help to add moisture and protect us from sun damage. Consult with professionals about which products may be best for your skin type.
Is the collagen powder animal-based?
Yes, the hydrolyzed collagen powder is extracted from bovine sources (cattle) in connection with food production.
How often do I have to use The Solution™ Beauty collagen?
Collagen powder should be taken daily over time for best effects. Studies of facial skin have been conducted over a period of eight weeks, while the study involving cellulite was conducted over a period of six months. It does not matter if you forget to take the product for a day or two, but if you stop taking it all together, the effect will slowly disappear. You can take the powder at any time of the day.
What can I mix The Solution™ Beauty collagen powder with?
The Solution™ Beauty collagen is a powder with a neutral smell and taste, which can be mixed into both food and drink, hot or cold. Take it as part of your daily morning routine, mix it into your coffee or tea, juice, yogurt, porridge, smoothie or simply in a glass of cold water.

Your Results Are Waiting.

Our bodies produce their own collagen, but collagen production declines as we age. The benefits of taking a daily collagen peptide supplement like The Solution™ have been proven by various scientific studies. Subscribe and get monthly deliveries straight to your door plus 30% off every box, and free shipping on every order.

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Danish cosmetologist, Michelle Ottendal tested the product herself and the results were almost immediate – facial lines were visibly reduced, especially around the eyes, and her skin seemed both firmer and fuller. Ottendal had thoroughly read the research behind The SOlution™ before testing it and was pleasantly surprised that double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled studies had been performed at an independent university.



Consistent Routines Lead To Good Skin

It’s been a year since beauty expert Silke Granes (51) took her first skin scans, which showed a reduction in wrinkle depth of 51% after starting The Solution™. “I did not believe my own eyes when round two showed a further improvement in my skin.”

Customer Stories


"I have always had fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, so the product felt like a match made in heaven for me." – Melissa Sondell (39)


“Everyone must find their method and believe in what they’re using. For me, this is The Solution™. It improved my skin from the inside out.” – Silvany Bricen (47)


“My skin feels stronger and looks much better than when I started with The Solution™ almost a year and a half ago.” – Silke Granes (51)


"This is 100% the best collagen powder I have ever tried. Super practical with its stick-packs, it has no taste, which is perfect: I put it in my coffee every morning." – Anine Bing (40)


Loved All Around The World

Blog Posts


“We are very strict on the requirements for all our products. We follow the gold standard for studies, which involves using double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled studies.” – Cecilie Nordstrøm, Founder & CMO


“I was a huge fan from the moment I tried Oslo Skin Lab, but never thought I would become the first Global Brand Ambassador, it’s an incredible honor.” – Anine Bing, Global Ambassador


“In today’s world, we have the resources to be the best we can be; it starts with what we put in our physical bodies.” – Victoria Lee Starr, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Pauline Grosshans
Happy- see the difference rapidly

Can see a difference quickly

Dani B.
I swear my skin looks 5 years younger!

This is one of the only skin care routines I've managed to stay consistent with and that's because not only is it SO easy....but it also works!! I swear my overall elasticity and texture is totally different. I've sent a started box to at least 3 of my friends!

Francesco Tricarico
Never received my order

Dear all, I have never received my order...:(

Dear Francesco,

We're truly sorry for the delay. Your package was cleared by customs on august 10 and should be with you shortly. Would it be easier for you if we ship from one of our European facilities? I will send you an email so that we can help move your account to Europe, that will save you on shipping and get your package to you faster.

Best regards, Doreen

Not sure about this product

I have not noticed any difference in my skin.

Hi Maura,

Results vary. We conducted a wrinkle depth study on 114 women aged 45-65 years. Participants received either 2.5 grams of Verisol® or a placebo once a day for eight weeks. Each participant had their skin objectively measured before starting treatment. After four weeks, the group that had received Verisol® showed a statistically significant reduction in wrinkle depth around the eyes of more than 7.2% on average. After eight weeks, the average reduction measured was a total 20.1%. (The maximum reduction in one of the participants was measured at 49.9%.) .

It's all about being consistent and patient. Nothing long lasting happens over night.

Natalia Veron de Schreiber

is fantastic ! In 30 days I already have a beautiful glow!