Beauty Collagen 

The Solution™ Beauty collagen is a tasteless powder that can be mixed into food or drink. Have it first thing in the morning with your favorite coffee, blend it with your evening workout protein shake, or experiment with something new. It will be the easiest step in your skincare routine.

Our versatile gluten-free, non-GMO, synthetic-free, no-carb, additive-free powder has unlimited possibilities. 

  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Improve the skin’s texture
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and cellulite

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Melissa S, 39

Melissa S, 39

I have always had fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, so the product felt like a match made in heaven for me. Excited and curious about what it could do to my skin, I started a new routine ten months ago that would turn out to be my most sustainable routine ever.

Melissa's Story
Silke G, 51

Silke G, 51

It’s been a year since beauty expert Silke Granes (49) took her first skin scans, which showed a reduction in wrinkle depth of 51% after starting The Solution. “My skin feels stronger and clearly looks much better than when I started with The Solution almost a year and a half ago,” says Silke. 

Silke's Story
Silvany B, 47

Silvany B, 47

Silvany decided to test The Solution™ for four months. “In the beauty industry, collagen powder has been a well-known beauty supplement, and I had read many articles about how well it worked, so I was excited about the effect The Solution might have on my skin. But I was also cautious about getting my hopes up – there are so many brands out there, and it’s hard to know which ones you can trust to make a difference.”

Silvany's Story
What is collagen?
Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body. Starting in your 20s, the level of collagen in the body starts to decrease. A young person’s skin can contain as much as 80% collagen. In our mid 20s, the amount of collagen starts to fall by about 1-2% a year. Collagen is the single most important factor in keeping wrinkles at bay and retaining your skin’s resilience and elasticity. When the skin loses its resistance to external influences such as sunlight, pollution, diet or smoking, it starts to develop lines and wrinkles. Collagen is also found in protein-rich foods, but for the skin to take advantage of the collagen we eat, it must be broken down into specific peptide lengths. Proteins in food are not hydrolyzed, and therefore have no such effect on the skin.
How often do I have to use The Solution™ Beauty collagen?
Collagen powder should be taken daily over time for best effects. Studies of facial skin have been conducted over a period of eight weeks, while the study involving cellulite was conducted over a period of six months. It does not matter if you forget to take the product for a day or two, but if you stop taking it all together, the effect will slowly disappear. You can take the powder at any time of the day.
What can I mix The Solution™ Beauty collagen powder with?
The Solution™ Beauty collagen is a powder with a neutral smell and taste, which can be mixed into both food and drink, hot or cold. Take it as part of your daily morning routine, mix it into your coffee or tea, juice, yogurt, porridge, smoothie or simply in a glass of cold water.
What are the ingredients in The Solution™?
The Solution™ contains 100% hydrolyzed (broken down by enzymes) bovine collagen peptides. There are no additional additives.
Is The Solution™ vegan?
The Solution’s collagen peptides come from bovine sources, so they are not vegan. Our collagen peptides are made to mimic our body’s own peptides and so far, bovine sources have proven to offer the best effect. You can read a more thorough explanation here.
Do you ship internationally?
Our markets: We are currently present in 10 markets (and are adding more every year!): Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the US. To ship to one of these countries, please visit their websites. EU: To ship to elsewhere within the EU, we recommend shopping on our Swedish site, as this will provide the best shipping rates and times. Global: To ship anywhere else, you can shop from this USA site. We currently cannot offer flat international shipping rates, so be sure to check shipping (calculated at checkout) and any taxes and duties that may be applicable (at your own discretion) in your country before ordering. Keep in mind that it may be cheaper to order multiple boxes at once instead of a recurring subscription if you need to pay taxes and customs fees in the destination country.