Simple beauty hack for a busy mom of two

Simple beauty hack for a busy mom of two

Silvany Bricen (47) has always been interested in caring for her skin from the inside out. “Enough sleep, minimal stress, regular exercise, and the right diet are the recipe for healthy and fresh skin,” she says. With two kids now, her beauty routine had taken a hit before finding The Solution™.  

Silvany has a background as a model, presenter, and singer, and in recent years has worked as a beauty manager in magazines such as Stella and Costume. When she had her first of two children as a 44-year-old, it became more challenging to comply with the mantra of enough sleep and little stress. 

“It felt like the beauty was sucked out of me. Fatigue lines that had never been there appeared on my face. The fact that I was tired and stressed affected my skin from head to toe,” she says. 

Silvany decided to test The Solution™ for four months. “In the beauty industry, collagen powder has been a well-known beauty food, and I had read many articles about how good it worked, so I was excited about the effect The Solution might have on my skin. But I was also cautious about getting my hopes up – there are so many brands out there, and it’s hard to know which ones you can trust to make a difference.”  

After three weeks of using The Solution, Silvany felt a positive change in her skin, but she continued to take The Solution™ before getting her after scans to see the changes that four months could make. Fortunately, it was worth the wait, as the scan showed an improvement in her skin quality all over - despite sleepless nights and time in the sun with her kids. 

“Everyone must find their method and believe in what they’re using. For me, this is The Solution™. This collagen powder has improved my skin from the inside out.”