The ultimate payoff: Smoother skin

The ultimate payoff: Smoother skin

Definitely a product more men should use.

Dutch model Jesse van der Meulen (age 44) started using The Solution™ after his girlfriend recommended it. Since then, the collagen supplement has been part of his daily routine.

"I had already seen The Solution™ a few times on social media when my girlfriend introduced it to me."


“I had heard of collagen supplements before, and know that our natural collagen production decreases after a certain age, so if you can help nature a little by taking it, why not do it?"

Water, lemon, The Solution.

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In October, Jesse started taking The Solution™ collagen peptides powder daily. "It easily fits into my morning routine. I always start the day with a glass of lukewarm water and a lemon. Now I've added The Solution™ to my regular routine. Since it has no flavor, I don't even taste the difference. I appreciate that The Solution™ consists exclusively of bovine collagen without any flavors or other additives."

The ultimate payoff: Smoother skin.

Jesse's girlfriend was the first to notice the results of Jesse taking the collagen powder daily.

"Your skin is glowing," she said. “I noticed that some lines around my eyes and face had become smoother. My skin looks better, calmer and smoother than before I started. My loved ones really saw a difference after I started using The Solution™. I truly don’t know why more men don’t use collagen powder."

Skin care is for men too.

Aside from taking collagen powder, Jesse doesn't have an extensive skincare routine. "I try to live a healthy life and exercise regularly. I use a moisturizer and the occasional serum. I don't actually cleanse my face."

My face is my calling card.

Jesse likes to tell his friends and fans that The Solution™ works. 

"On Instagram I occasionally share photos of the modeling I do. I have now also shared before and after photos and my experience with Oslo Skin Lab. I am proud to be able to share that this really worked for me. And it's actually such a natural thing. Many people exercise and are engaged in healthy eating. If you can slow down the aging process a little bit, why not do it? After all, your face is also your calling card."